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Vision | Marketing | Process | People | Sales | Business


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Why should you join Financial PRO?

The Financial PRO training launched March 2019 and is a proven process for business success.


Within our membership I have members who have been with us since the beginning and do not want to leave because of the support, guidance, and proven process to building a more successfial Financial services business without the stress and Overwhelm.


I have no doubt you're great at providing Financial Advice, Mortgage Advice, Insurance Advice and/or Accountancy or Book keeping services.


You have worked hard to hone your skills as an employee...


but at some stage (maybe right now)... You dreamt of more time, freedom and more money in your bank.


So you took the brave leap into self-employment to create the life you know is possible.


But the second you 'go it alone', a switch flicks and you're thrust into life as a business owner with little to no experience in running a business. 

  • You're trying to figure it out by yourself but it’s one hell of a lonely journey
  • You lack clarity about the direction you should take your business in
  • You know your business is only as as the leads you generate and you have to learn marketing
  • You need to implement a fast and efficient processes in order to handle more clients and possibly scale your business
  • You know you need to bring people into your business to create extra time 
  • You need to sharpen your sales skills so you can convert leads into profit

This puzzle takes years to painstakingly piece together without support and guidance.


That is exactly why I created Financial PRO


Years of hard-work, testing, and education have helped me create my 6-step success path, that will transform every area of your mindset and business.


Through training, and support, the PRO Academy success path will add the knowledge you're currently missing.

  • You will gain clarity and a sense of direction for your business
  • You'll learn marketing techinques to take full control of your lead generation and you'll attract clients you love
  • You will set up a process that will make you more efficient, give you structure and control
  • Your sales and profitability will sky-rocket and you'll earn the money you dream of
  • Most importantly, you'll get more time to do what you love with who you love

In a nutshell, you'll get the support that every business owner needs to be a success.


Financial PRO is like a library for starting or scaling your business.


Inside is EVERYTHING you need to build a more successful financial services business 

My journey to creating a fun and profitable lifestyle business

In 2015, I had a defining moment in my life.


I’d just finished a long week in the office which started just 3 days after my first daughter was born.


I was turning over almost 7-figures with a team of 15...


I realised that rather than a business, I’d just created a new rat race for myself, inside a Gary Das sized prison in Chelmsford, Essex.


  • I lacked clarity and my business lacked any sense of direction
  • I’d become a slave to the lead providers that would hand me low-quality leads in exchange for £20,000 of the queens finest pounds every month
  • I relied on people more than processes and my 'business' didn't run without my constant supervision

Things had to change, and I knew there had to be a better way.


So I started a journey of learning, testing, and mastery. I tested every business growth strategy that I could within my service based business.


That journey cost me over £221,000 in courses and mentorship. And it will be passed on to you inside the Academy membership covering 6 areas of my business growth formula.


I've now built a business that gives me the time and freedom to spend quality time with my family, and I want to help you do the same too.


You’re getting the fast-track to the results that it cost me a lot of work and money to discover

Is Financial PRO Right For You?

You are ready for Financial PRO if

  • You want to take control of your lead generation, attract clients you love and add additional income streams

  • You’re a Financial service business owner and want to create more leads, sales, profit, and time

  • You want to join a community of successful business owners in the Financial PRO Academy who support and encourage each other

  • You have the desire to learn and improve every area of your business

  • You want to drastically increase your earning potential and spend more time doing what you love with who you love

  • You take action to create what you want in your life and don't make excuses

You're not ready for Financial PRO if

  • You’re happy masquerading as a business owner while working in a glorified job

  • You have no desire to improve your mindset and business to achieve more

  • You won’t bring a positive, encouraging, and proactive attitude to my PRO Academy family

  • You have a closed mind and want to stick to what you’ve always known

  • You make lots of excuses and don’t take action on your own until somebody holds your hand

  • You’re lazy and uncommitted and don’t want to step outside your comfort zone

  • You don't believe you should invest in your own personal growth

What do You get inside the Financial PRO Course?

Everything You Need To Build a Success Business

Financial PRO launched March 2019, every week training and support has been provided to hundreds of members, and it has evolved into 300 proven results focused training modules covering the 6 key areas of business growth (detailed below).


If you want business results without the overwhelm and stress, you need Financial PRO.


Inside the members training portal accesible online and via the mobile app you have access to the entire back catalogue of training and expert speakers to move you from A-Z in your business.  


No matter what stage of business you are currently at, or type of business you run:

  • An IFA, Mortgage adviser, Insurance broker, Will writer, Bookkeeper or Accountant
  • A start up who has only just gone newly self-employed
  • A sole trader with no admin support
  • A managing director of a team of 10
  • An AR, a DA, or an AR of an AR/DA
  • We have you all inside the Financial PRO Academy...

Within our training portal is everything you need to start or scale your business exactly as I have done in my business.


Inside You Will Find:

  • Video Training sessions on every area of your business

  • Expert Guest training from a leading authority in their field, covering maketing, sales and more

  • Work books, cheat sheets, guides, templates, job descriptions, employment and self-employed contracts

  • No stone has been left unturned when it comes to building your business

  • Whatever you need, any question you have inside the PRO Academy portal is the answer

And here is the exceptionally cool thing, if you cannot find the answers using the search function, you reach out to us and we will provide it for you.


All you have to start is follow it step by step, lesson by lesson and take action to improve your business.


Learn more about the 6 Key Steps:

  1. Mastery Your Vision
  2. Mastery Your Marketing
  3. Mastery Your Process
  4. Mastery Your People
  5. Mastery Your Sales
  6. Mastery Your Business

Step 1 - Master Your Vision

You are the foundation to your business success, in this foundational step you will learn more about yourself, understand your values and why you created your business to begin working on right things in the future. 


Without a clear and defined vision / goal for you and your business, you’ll be left aimlessly searching for whatever you define as ‘success’. Your vision is the Sat Nav for your business, and my system will help you get clarity on where you want to go.


Our vision section training & support will help you to:

  • Build a clear and tailored vision for your business and your life so you achieve more

  • Learn how to create clear 90 day goals and stick to them to give you more daily focus

  • Structure your days so overwhelm, and stress disappear making you become more focused 

  • Gain clarity on your 'super powers' and learn where you should be focusing daily for results 

  • Discover the key mindset shifts that will gear you up for success

Step 2 - Master Your Marketing

High-quality leads, clients and sales are the life-blood of any business. To take your business to the next level you need to understand your customer, know how to attract them, and make them take action.


Learn the latest social media and marketing techniques to drive your business forward and attract more leads for less.


Our Marketing training & support will help you to:

  • Discover the 30 minute per day social media tactics I've used to generate leads on autopilot with minimal ad spend

  • Build a powerful brand that helps you to become the 'go-to' person in your niche

  • Understand all of the marketing techniques that generate profitable leads

  • Pick the right strategies for your unique business, client, and niche

  • Gain confidence that the content you put into the world is high-quality and effective

Step 3 - Master Your Process

Your sales and business process will make the difference between failure and sustainable profitability. Once you have a clear and defined process in place, you can create time, recruit with ease and if you want to, scale your business effectively.


My process and systems are what have enabled me to make my business run like a well oiled engine, and given me the confidence recruit, make my business 90% passive and the time to do more of what I love with who I love.


Our Process training & support will help you to:

  • Simplify the client journey and help you to provide a better service

  • Become more productive and efficient with your time so you can make more money

  • Implement the systems and tools that will shave hours off your week

  • Automate elements of your process that give you consistency 

  • Eliminate the stress that comes with having an inefficient business

Step 4 - Master Your People

As much as you’d like to clone yourself, you can’t. Recruitment and people management are two of the most difficult tasks in your business. You need to have people to support you, so you can focus on the income generating tasks.


Having the confidence and knowing when is the right time to recruit can often keep your stuck in your business, working too many hours and not making the money you rightly deserve.


Our People training and support will help you to:

  • Know who you should hire and when you should hire them to get your time back

  • Lead the people in your business so you get the most from them

  • Identify the right PA, Administrater or adviser when you bring them into your business

  • Feel confident that the people coming into your business are right for you and your business

  • Remove yourself from the stress of low-value admin tasks so you can focus on what you love

Step 5 - Master Your Sales

Almost every business is leaving cash on the table, and the way to pick it up, is by refining your sales skills and technique. A few simple sales tweaks can earn you thousands per year in extra revenue.


The second most important function in any business is sales (marketing is #1), every month you should be sharpening your axe and improving your sales skills to convert more leads in to clients.


If you do not master sales, then your business will not master profit.


Our Sales training will help and support you to:

  • Maximise the value of every lead you work with

  • Define your sales process so you're converting more leads into sales

  • Qualify your leads so you're only working with clients that are a good fit for you

  • Improve the number of referrals and testimonials you receive

  • Increase the fees you're charging for your service

Step 6 - Master Your Business

The final and most vital step to becoming a business owner. Knowing the technical aspects of business growth, such as KPIs, management, leadership and moving from employee mindset to business owner mindset. 


By this step all 5 area should be in place and working, this step is about making marginal gains in every area of the business. This step is about measuring, monitoring and managing your business to generate high revenue and high profit.


Our Business training will help and support you to:

  • Make your next 12 months the most profitable and enjoyable year you've ever had

  • Pinpoint the areas of your business you need to improve and grow

  • Managing your business by the metrics and numbers to develop 

  • Put the right safeguards in place to thrive during tough economic times

  • Create a logical plan for the growth of your business

24/7 Community Support

Our exclusive ‘members only’ Facebook community has some of the industries elite, who help and support each other every step of the way.


Knowing you’re part of a family of like-minded business owners means you’ll never feel like a ‘lonely entrepreneur’ again.


Every question you have will be answered!

Zoom Coaching

On the final Tuesday 10.00 am of the month I will be live on zoom to answer your questions and support you on your journey through teh Financial PRO course.


These zoom coaching sessions will be recorded and placed inside the training portal so you do not miss a thing.

Bonus Courses & Training

Since the launch of Financial PRO we have held 3 main live events from 25 to 60+ Financial PRO's. 


We have also had guest expert training sessions delivered live in to the Facebook community covering every step of the PRO results path mentioned above.


Inside you gain access to the previous recordings which total approx. 35+ hours of expert training covering a range topics to build a successful business. 

  • Time management and leadership
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (Google)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Improving your Mindset
  • Increasing Social Media engagement
  • Developing Local marketing and using LinkedIn
  • And even more...

Join hundreds of other Financial Services business owners that have transformed their lives by working through our course:

Why I’m the right person to help transform your business

Following the growth of my award-winning mortgage brokerage, I’ve coached and mentored over 200 business owners, to show them how to implement my strategies for building a profitable lifestyle business.


My brokerage is now 90% passive and my focus is on developing the business strategy and marketing.


My business has also given me the freedom to:

  • Write a double best selling book (with another on the way)
  • Create 2 successful podcasts listened to in over 50 countries with over 150,000 downloads
  • Become qualified as a strategic business growth coach and mentor

Ultimately though, it’s the success of my mentees, and the proven results shown on this page that should guide you.


"OK, Gary. I'm in. How much is it?"


What price would you put on improving your life? £50k? £100k?


Don't worry, the price isn't what you're expecting.


You will earn 12x the price of a month's membership by selling:


1x £450,000 Mortgage or;

1x £80 per month life insurance policy or;

1x Will writing case with LPA, trust and single will or;

3% charge on a £60,000 (small) pension transfer!

Gain 1 new client in to your accountancy firm.


For you it may be something different...


Simply put, if you generate just one client you will see a huge return on your membership fee!



Please read the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

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What happens once I join?

Join the Financial PRO family with a few easy steps:


Step 1. Click the Join Now button to go to the payment page.


Step 2. Once you sign up, we will give you access to the exclusive Facebook group where you'll meet other members and get 24/7 support as your work through the course


Step 3. You’ll receive your log-in details via email for the membership training portal.


Step 4. Log into the training portal to view the content, and join the Facebook community to ask questions.


Step 5. Engage consistently. 


We give you the tools, learnings, the inspiration and support - BUT you MUST do the work.


Action takers get results



Please read the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

If you have any unanswered questions email


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